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Chengdu GAIERGAISI Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (predecessor) was established in 2001. Currently, the factory is located in Group 4, Xinshuinian Village, Qingjiang Town, Jintang County, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, covering an area of more than 80 mu with a registered capital of 60.85 million yuan.

By taking microorganism as the core technology, this company offers the service of innocuous treatment of agricultural breeding waste, and also produces agricultural and environmental-protection inputs, which is a high-tech enterprise integrated of scientific research, production and sales. In addition to the manufacturing enterprise of agricultural products designated by the Ministry of Agriculture, the company is also the vice-president unit of Sichuan Organic Fertilizer Association. Located in the northeast part of Chengdu Plain, Jintang County is the traditional agricultural country and raw material distribution center. Bordering on Zhongjiang county in the east, Qingbaijiang District of Chengdu and Longquanyi District in the west, Lezhi County and Jianyang City in the north, Guanghan City and Zhongjiang County in the north.

With quite convenient transportation, the county is 30 km away from Chengdu, 15km away from Guanghan City, 45km away from Zhongjiang County, 18km away from Qingbaijiang District, and 36km away from Longquanyi District. As Top 3 county producing edible fungus across the country, Jintang County has mainly manufactured products exported to Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia and Europe. Plant-derived organic materials, the major raw materials of the company, are quite popular in local areas. Besides, the surrounding cities and counties have taken it as the major agricultural product commonly. Therefore, the demand for raw materials in the future has been fully guaranteed.

After 18 years of development, GAIERGAISI has possessed national-level high-tech enterprises, perfect manufacturing equipment and facilities, two automatic packaging and metering power production lines, and also one microcomputer controlled particle production line. It has been defined as Chengdu Agricultural Industrialization Leading Enterprise, Sichuan Famous Brand Product Enterprise, China Top 10 Biological Fertilizer Enterprise, Sichuan Famous Trademark and National High-tech Enterprise. Meanwhile, (Beijing) Research and Development Center has been established to make continuous innovation in technology. In addition, it has signed an agreement on strategic cooperation in scientific research with Biogas Institute of the Ministry of Agriculture, Sichuan Academy of Forestry, Sichuan Agricultural University, Chengdu Biology Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, so as to guarantee the company’s layout integrated of production, R&D and service. The economic, ecological and social benefits are very remarkable.

The company has more than 40 managers, including 3 national technical expert consultants, 12 production, operation and management personnel with intermediate and senior technical titles, and more than 40 production and processing personnel. Possessing quite strong R&D and production capacity, the company has closely established relationship with Biogas Institute of the Ministry of Agriculture, China Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China Agricultural University, Sichuan Agricultural University and Sichuan Academy of Forestry, and also developed a series of high-tech products in the leading edge of the microbial industry, further to continuously improve the technology and the quality of the product, and obtain a better result.